GPS Tracker Magnetic Case For GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, and GL300MA Trackers


  • RELIABLE GPS TRACKER CASE: – The sturdy, weatherproof, crushproof, and watertight design delivers ultimate protection. It offers a barrier against dust, water, and corrosion damage. You can deploy it anywhere – even in the harshest weather conditions. It comes up with high-quality designs and two different versions (hinged Plus Case and Clipped Version – Pro Case). This portable Mini Magnetic case is a clear choice for your vehicle, home, or everyday use in the field.
  • HIDE A KEY, FOB, GPS Trackers: – Attach this powerful magnetic case under any magnetic or metal is a hidden surface that only you know. This waterproof magnetic container will stay attached in all weather conditions. You can easily hide a key, GPS tracker, and other things that fit its size. This GPS tracker Mounting case can be used to keep spare keys when leaving your car at trailhead to go backpacking and for covert tracking applications.
  • STRONG MAGNETS THAT DOES NOT BREAK OFF: – This Reliable GPS Tracker Case has Twin Magnets for added Stability and Attachment. Usually, it stays attached and doesn’t break off for inadequate sealant. You can feel free to deploy this MiniMag Case in your car without any hesitation. No worry of leakage and the magnets’ detachment. Don’t let your expensive property be damaged using an under-performing enclosure.
  • CONVENIENT FOR MOST POPULAR TRACKING DEVICES – The compact sizes (exterior 91.5 x 61.2 x 51.5 mm, interior 82 x 47 x 40 mm for Hinged Version and exterior 90 x 56.2 x 42 mm; interior 84 x 44 x 31 mm for Clipped Version) has enabled it to fit perfectly to any of the most popular GPS trackers on the market, including GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, and GL300M and many more. Although it is specially designed for Queclink GPS Trackers, it is convenient to other similar sized devices.
  • PORTABLE, EASY INSTALLATION: This GPS Tracker Magnetic Case is easy to install. You can install it to any metal or magnetic surface. We recommend to install it underneath the vehicle on the side of the chassis beam. You can also place it under your seat, bumper (if metal) or any metal surface that suits. In case you want to attach it in motorcycle, you must have enough surface for the magnets. You can also use straps. Note that you can also use this in asset tracking.
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GPS Tracker Magnetic Case For GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, and GL300MA Trackers

GTM Mini GPS Tracker Magnetic Case is designed for Queclink Multi-Purpose GPS Trackers: GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, and GL300MA. You can use the GPS trackers from other manufacturers provided the dimension is within the interior dimension of the case.

You can use this versatile waterproof magnetic case to keep spare keys when leaving your car at the trailhead to go backpacking and for covert tracking applications, as well as many other purposes. It will help your tracking device to remain secure and safe without interrupting the signal. There’s no chance of interruption even in critical weather conditions as it doesn’t have any negative effects.

This GPS Tracker waterproof case works even when your car is flooded by water. The magnets never let it fall off from the metal surface of your car. You can easily place this case under the vehicle.

You can also keep your keys or use them as a keyholder stash box. But you must check the size. We have two different versions of the Cases. Make sure that you have checked the dimensions from our product description.


✓ Fits the most popular portable GPS tracking devices on the market (Always check your dimensions)
✓ Twin Magnets for added Stability and Attachment.
✓ Great for Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, etc.
✓ It keeps your GPS trackers safe in different weather conditions
✓ Waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof GPS Tracker Minimag Case
✓ This case can be transferred in any car as it’s portable.

There are two versions: –

1. Hinged version – Mini Magnetic Plus case
Outside:  91.5 x 61.2 x 51.5 mm
Inside:  82 x 47 x 40 mm

2. Clipped version – Mini Magnetic Pro case
Outside: 3.57 x 2.23 x 1.67 inches   (90 x 56.2 x 42 mm)
Inside: 84 x 44 x 31 mm

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 91.5 × 61.2 × 51.5 mm

Hinged Version – Plus Case, Clipped Version – Pro Case


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