GTM Mini Magnetic Case for GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, GL300M, GL320MG Trackers


  • Fits the most popular portable GPS tracking devices on the market (Always check your dimensions)
  •  Twin Magnets for added Stability and Attachment.
  •  Great for Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, etc.
  • Can be used to keep spare keys when leaving your car at the trailhead to go backpacking and for covert tracking applications, as well as many other purposes.
  • Trackers from other manufacturers can be used provided the dimension is within the interior dimension of the case.
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GTM Mini Magnetic Case is designed for Queclink Multi-Purpose GPS Trackers: GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, GL320MG and GL300M.

The GTM GPS Tracker Mini Magnetic Case, a marvel of modern technology is designed to safeguard your assets with precision and ease, so elegantly. With its compact form and magnetic prowess, it securely clings, To vehicles, valuables, or anything you wish to keep under wings.

This sleek, discreet casing, a guardian in disguise, Ensures your peace of mind as it tracks under clear skies. Its robust construction shields your tracker from harm, Weathering elements with resilience, and maintaining its charm.

Whether on highways or hidden paths, its accuracy astounds, Mapping out journeys, and tracing routes, with no bounds. Effortlessly concealing, it keeps a vigilant eye, Monitoring movements discreetly, as days pass by.

In the realm of security, our GPS tracker case stands as a sentinel bold, A silent protector, it’s worth never undersold. With every journey embarked, it silently observes, Keeping you informed, and your confidence preserved.

From fleet management to personal reassurance, it excels, Aids in recovery, and its utility proudly tells. The GPS Tracker Mini Magnetic Case, is a beacon in the night, Guiding you home safely, its presence a comforting light.

Outside Dimensions: 91.5 x 61.2 x 51.5 mm

Inside Dimensions: 82 x 47 x 40 mm

Versions: Hinged & Clipped

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Clipped, Hinged


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