GPS Tracking Service Activation

From: $27.00 / month with a 2-month free trial

  • Multiple Plans
  • Sim Card
  • >mobile network
  • tracking map
  • customer support


GPS tracker Activation and Tracking Service

GPS tracker Activation: if this is the first time you activate your tracking device or if you want to reactivate your tracking device and your current SIM card is no longer valid, this bundle service pack will suit your needs. Typically 1 week after the expiration of your tracking service the SIM card is no longer valid so you will need a new SIM card which requires a 1-time activation fee.

Our monthly tracking services cover:

  • Mobile network: Our tracking services cover strong mobile network. You can track your trackable things including kids, alone workers, vehicles, cars, motorcycles, assets, elderly members and even other things easily via the internet. We will set it up for you.
  • Tracking map: You will have a tracking map. You can easily identify the location of the trackable objects using this tracking map set by us.
  • Customer support: Our customer support is always here for your needs. No matter how complex the problem is, we will try our best to resolve your problem related to our tracking service.  Just simply call us or send us a message using our email form regarding the issues.

Gps Tracker Activation fee covers:

  • SIM card cost: We will provide you a Tracking SimCard.
  • SIM card activation: We will activate the Sim Card for You.
  • Device configuration: We help you with the configuration of your device. So, you don’t have to configure anything by yourself.
  • Tracking map setup: We set up a tracking map for you. As a result, you can track everything using that tracking map using your mobile.

We always encourage you to check our pricing and plans before buying. We ensure reliable service and do our best to cover the things described above.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding our services.

Happy Buying!!!

Additional information

Subscription Plan

1 Month Tracking & Activation, 3 Months Tracking & Activation, 6 Months Tracking & Activation, 12 Months Tracking & Activation, 12 Months Tracking & Activation using SIM card that doesn't come with the unit


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