GTM Hardwire Power Kit for Multi-Purpose GPS Trackers: GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, GL300M, GL310MG, GL320MG


  • USB C Version is Compatible with only GL310MG and GL320MG Whereas Mini USB Version works with other GL Series of trackers including GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, and GL300M
  • Quick and Easy Installation/Connection
  •  24/7 continuous power without recharging
  • Long-term GPS Tracking Capability
  • Hardwire Kit for Queclink Multi-Purpose GPS Trackers: GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, GL310MG, GL320MG and GL300M
  •  Any Permanent Power Source Connection.
  • Can be used with trackers from other manufacturers with a similar operating voltage range.
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USB C Version is Compatible with only GL310MG and GL320MG Where Mini USB Version works with other GL Series of trackers including GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, GL300M, GL310MG and GL320MG

GTM Power Hardwire Kit (Mini USB & USB C Version GPS Tracker Kit)

GTM Power Hardwire Kit is designed to be used with Queclink Multi-Purpose GPS Trackers: GL200, GL300, GL300W, GL300VC, GL300M, GL310MG and GL320MG. 

The Power Hardwire Kit, a marvel of engineering finesse, is Crafted to complement Queclink’s GPS trackers, ensuring success. Designed for seamless integration with models GL200 to GL300MA, Empowering your tracking solutions, and leading the way.

With precision engineering, it installs with ease, Ensuring a constant power supply, a guarantee to appease. Compatible with Queclink’s versatile range, It enhances tracking capabilities, no matter the terrain.

From GL200 to GL300MA, it caters with precision, Ensuring uninterrupted tracking with unwavering vision. Hardwired for reliability, it withstands the test of time, Sustaining your tracking endeavors, a paradigm.

In vehicles or assets, its utility shines bright, Providing continuous power, from day to night. Effortlessly connecting, it blends seamlessly, Elevating your tracking experience, remarkably.

In the realm of GPS tracking, it’s a pivotal tool, Ensuring your Queclink devices remain ever cool. So, embrace the Power Hardwire Kit without delay, For steadfast tracking solutions, it paves the way.

From GL200 to GL300MA, it’s the bridge, Connecting your devices, and fulfilling every ridge. With its robust design and compatibility, it stands tall, Ensuring your tracking operations never stall.


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