GTM MT-200X Real Time 4G GPS Ankle Tracker Bracelet


  • GPS Ankle Tracker Bracelet specially designed for the parolee, field staff, security guard, elderly, pet, and lone worker tracking applications.
  • Waterproof IP68; LTE-FDD B2/B4/B12, UMTS/HSPA+ B2/B5; Embedded full featured protocol.
  • Internal u-blox MAX-7Q chipset; Internal GSM/GPS antennas; SMS and GPRS (TCP/UDP) communication; SOS Emergency Alert.
  • Various alarms support: low battery, geo-fence, over-speed, etc.; CE and FCC certified.
  • Li-Polymer 1800 mAh battery 3.7V;  Support up to 3 authorized cell phone numbers; Long-standby time; Belt off alarm.
  • MT-200X Tracking service is required (Subscription). To activate your tracking service please follow the note/instruction insert that comes with your GPS tracker.

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GTM MT200X 4G GPS Ankle Tracker Bracelet for the America Region

FCC, CE Certified Tracker; IEC, Tensile Tested; IP68 Waterproof GPS Tracking Device

GTM MT200X GPS Ankle Tracker Bracelet is easy to use and is specially designed for parolees, field staff, security guards, the elderly, lone workers, and pets. It has a built-in U-Blox GPS module, GPRS module, and low-power ARM processor.

GPS (Global Positioning System) lets the tracker get its position and send the position data to your smartphone via a map. At the same time, it will send the position data to the internet server by GPRS so that you can track the tracker’s position.


✓ Embedded full-featured protocol
✓ SMS and GPRS (TCP/UDP) communication
✓ Supports various alarms for geo-fencing, low battery, overspeed, etc.
✓ CE & FCC certified
✓ Supports up to 3 authorized cell phone numbers
✓ Long-standby time and Belt-off alarm
✓ Powerful GPS Locator for security guards, dogs, cats, other pets, people, lone workers, parolees, kids, etc.


– Timing tracking / Real-time tracking
– Supports GPS+LBS+AGPS+WIFI Positioning
– Two-way Conversation / Voice Monitoring
– Loud Siren
– Hit Alarm
– Wireless Charger
– SOS Emergency Alarm
– Low Battery Alarm
– Geo-fence Alarm
– Belt Cut/Off/On Alarm
– GPRS Data Logger
– Automatically Queries APN / Time-zone Setting
– Tracking Modes (Power Saving Mode / Vehicle Mode / Smart Mode)
– Historical Track Query
– GPS Tracking System and APP Tracking
– Supports: OEM, Customization, Protocols
– Optional: Wi-Fi Base Station (Can Locate in Home)


✓ Built-in U-Blox GPS module
✓ Internal GSM/GPS antennas

✓ GPRS module and low-power ARM processor
Dimensions: 70mm(L) x 64mm(W)x 35mm(H)
✓ Weight: 223.5g
Internal Battery: Li-Polymer 1800mAh battery 3.7V
Water Resistance: IP68 compliant
Charging Voltage: DC 4.8V- 5.5V / 500mA
Operating Temperatur: -25℃ to +60℃
GSM Module: SIM7600A
GPS Chipset: Ublox Max-7Q (Glonass + GPS)

Additional Accessories:

  • Screwdriver
  • Unlock tool
  • AC adapter
  • Charging cable for AC adapter
  • Wireless charger
  • Lock protect shell

Want to know more? 

Download the MT200X Ankle Tracker Manual from here.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 70 × 64 × 20 in


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