Queclink GL320MG 4G Real Time Multi-purpose GPS Tracker (Worldwide)


  • GL320MG GPS TRACKER WITH AMAZING REAL-TIME TRACKING + VISUALIZATION: An Easy method to follow to track vehicles, teens, spouses, pets, seniors, luggage, and a wide range of significant things. Just slip it into a knapsack or conceal it under a vehicle seat to remotely track movements continuously utilizing Google Maps information. Our smooth and easy-to-use application can be gotten to on your telephone, tablet, or PC, giving you a one-stop-look for all the information you need
  • VERSATILE GPS DETECTOR WITH DURABILITY & CONNECTIVITY: Smooth and compact design; The device itself has a best-in-class battery life with multi-reporting capability and reliable 4G LTE coverage. Set it on an individual or vehicle/truck/car/asset – this gadget can perform dependably and tactfully for significant lots, limiting the need for tinkering and keeping chances of detection low. Our tracker is propelled enough for private investigators & experts, yet straightforward enough for anybody
  • ACCURATE INSIGHTS, CUSTOM ALERTS, and GEO-FENCING: This front-line GPS technology enables you to get alarms whenever the tracker enters or leaves a zone that you define. You can modify your settings to get key updates like proximity alerts and notices about the tracker’s movements via text or email. Create summary data reports that catch movements over time and give important data about the tracker, related to speed, distance, and more.
  • UNBEATABLE FEATURES AND QUALITY: Thumb-sized button with haptic feedback allowing confirmed emergency alert or instant geo-fence setting; 20 geofence regions; Scheduled Reporting; Low Power Alarm, Power On/Off Reporting; SOS/Emergency Alarming; Low power consumption, long standby time with internal battery; Internal 3-axis accelerometer for power saving and motion detection; Special Alarm; Water-resistant; FCC, PTCRB, Verizon, and AT&T certified.

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Queclink GL320MG Tracker; 4G LTE Real-Time Multi-purpose GPS Tracker

A great choice for multi-purpose Tracking.

The water-resistant GL320M GPS tracker is designed for many applications such as personal, family member, elderly, lone worker, vehicle, asset tracking, and covert tracking applications. The ergonomically designed button makes the GL300M ideal for applications requiring rapid emergency alerts or instant geofencing based on current location.

The devices in this series support 2G GSM, LTE CAT-M1 (eMTC), LTE CAT-M2 (NB-IoT) on many bands supporting North American and European Cellular Operators.

The built-in GNSS receiver has best-in-class sensitivity and supports fast time to first fix. The built-in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extends battery life through proprietary power management algorithms.
System integration is straightforward as complete documentation is provided for the full-featured @Track protocol. The @Track protocol supports a wide variety of reports including emergency, geo-fence boundary crossings, low battery, and scheduled GPS position.


Real-Time Tracking and Compatibility: Track with Google Maps in real-time; Compatible with any smartphone, tablet, computer, and network provider.
Long Battery Life: Li-Polymer 2600 mAh; 400 hours of standby reporting.
✔ IPX5 Compliant Water Resistant
No Installation Required: Easy to attach to any iron surface. You can mount it within a second using a strong magnet anywhere.
Anti-Theft Multi-Function: Get Vibration alert, Overspeed Alert, Low Battery Alarm Geo-Fence report via SMS or email. No need to worry about your car being stolen!
✔ Affordable Tracking Service and trustworthy customer service

General Specifications
Dimensions:   77.9mm*39.9mm*26.7mm
Weight:   93g
Internal Battery:   Li-Polymer 2600 mAh
Standby Time:   Without reporting: 400 hours,   5 minutes reporting: 140 hours
Water Resistance:   IPX5 Compliant
Charging Voltage:   5V DC
External Battery Voltage:   3.5V to 4.2V DC
Operating Temperature:   -20℃ ~ +60℃


Download the GL320MG Manual from here.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 77.9 × 39.9 × 26.7 in


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